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    Welcome to Huizhou Zhengwei Coating Co.,Ltd.!

    Products ---- Wood UV coatings

    UV Putty

    Code Product name Characteristics
    UVF-100 transparent Putty medium viscosity, good filling capacity, good transparency
    UVF-300 transparent Putty high viscosity, high filling capacity, high hardness
    UVF-500 transparent Putty cost-saving, high viscosity, high filling capacity

    Uses: surface catheter or uneven coating of Solid wood or Veneer board sticking furniture, Bamboo and wood floor, MDF white board.

    Construction method: roller paste

    Dosage: 20-25g/m2

    Construction procedure: sand polishing of white board→water-based dyeing →UV transparent Putty →UV roller paste Primer →UV roller paste Primer (sand polishing)→ follow-up process

    cured control:

    ① half-light and does not need sanding, direct 'when s coating subsequent UV Primer, the film cured requirements for the surface is not sticky, fingernail scratches.

    ② required when sanding paint to the surface to be cured without fingernail scratches.

    Packing and storage: 20KG, Stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place; avoid direct sunlight and far away from fire; Shelf life is 6 months..


    ① oil of more board material (such as rosewood, teak, pine, etc.) should do first seal oil treatment and further conducting UV Putty or UV Primer of 's coating, otherwise it will affect's coating effect.

    ② ordinary aqueous dyeing agent only superficial dyeing, dyeing the water will then be sufficiently volatile UV Putty and UV Primer of 's coating, otherwise it will affect Adhesion. Dyeing agent is not free to add them to this product, you need to test feasible To add sex.

    ③ through energy UV lamp to adjust the degree of cured UV Putty. Cured insufficient impact sanding, after cured hardness is too high and may affect subsequent UV coating adhering. If subsequent spraying PE or PU paint and can be completely cured.

    ④ Stir in use should be preceded.

    ⑤ This product is flammable items, should pay attention to the fire, to keep construction ambient air circulation.

    ⑥ The product has a light cured properties, avoid direct sunlight during use.

    ⑦ Avoid contact with skin and eyes, if they inadvertently come into contact with skin and eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water.

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